This American Life Podcast: Another Frightening Show About the Economy

A while back I heard a pretty great This American Life episode, entitled The Giant Pool of Money. IF you, like me, don’t quite have a handle on just what’s up with the housing and subprime mortgage crisis… this episode was a great overview on just what led to the situation.

Today, a newer podcast entitled Another Frightening Show About the Economy covers what’s going on currently, with the economy (including the Bailout). Again, if you’re like me and wondering… how bad are things, really? This is your answer.

I can’t say enough good things about This American Life. Both podcasts make huge, compelx topics and make them a lot more accessible. [via]

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  1. Hi. There is a great american life episode involving competing college capella groups that featured a girl group that zere robbed of a win. Does anyone remember the name of that episode. Many thanks for any replies.john

    john gray Reply

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