A Little Halloween, A Little Sushi

Post-work, I headed over to Wicker Park with Justin and Ben to meet up with a few friends. Turns out, Stu was in town for one night (he’s working for us, doing a few photoshoots in multiple cities)… and so our dinner plans got even better.

On walking from Damen back down towards Division, Justin and I spotted a few Halloween figures in the yard at A.N. Pritzker (right near Wicker Park proper). In this set, I’m not sure which one I like more… the Cthulhu-esque version of Scarcrow… or Super Buff Spiderman.


Is this an Animal Farm reference? It’s creepy, whatever it is…

Justin and I hung out a bit with Ben over at Goldstar. Shortly after, Dave met up with us… and then Stu arrived with his assistant, Lori.

We all six went over to Bob San for sushi, and started off the night with a large bottle of sake. I grabbed a quick shot here, but Stu and Lori took a few shots. Rumor has it Stu has/will start up a Flickr-based blog of sorts, which sounds pretty darn exciting, all in all (check out his photos if you haven’t seen them yet).

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