Halloween Costumes in the Office

I’m delighted to report that this year, we have more costumes than ever at work. We’ve definitely grown in size, and it’s awesome to see other folks all dressed up for Halloween.

Where’s Waldo Justin?

Renata, dressed as a ladybug…

… complete with wings, no less!

Sarah, doing her best Sarah.

Laurence, donning his martial arts attire (and blades). The smaller one is made of wood, but he wouldn’t even unsheath the real/larger one. Which actually makes it that much scarier.

Matt, who never fails to impress each and every year… arrived today to the sound of applause.

This is pure class. :D

A shot of the stockings.

And here’s a final version of my costume, taken after I arrived at work. I grabbed some dry leaves, and rubbed it into my hair en route to the Blue Line today.

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  1. I am REALLY glad you didn’t wake me up this morning to say “bye”!!!

    Liz Reply

  2. I was tempted to come in, believe me. But decided not to. :)

    avoision Reply

  3. That’s a little bit of fantastic right there. Particularly Mr. Brelje.

    Adron Reply

  4. Felix, are you sure those trips to the dentist are really working?

    juliet Reply

  5. Juliet – My teeth really are whiter, underneath all the dirt and dried blood.Adron – Matt’s always pretty fantastic, and sets the bar every year. We really should build some kind of parade around his costumes, annually.

    avoision Reply

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