My Zombie Costume for Halloween

These pics are a bit rushed, as I just got done with the makeup… I’m typing this with painted hands, and I’m dirtying up the keyboard here someting awful.

Here’s what I did for my Halloween costume this year: revisiting the Zombie (which I did a few years back).

A quick rewind to a few nights ago:

This year, I didn’t go so far as to actually bury my clothes. I thought about it, but just didn’t get moving on the costume idea early enough. Instead, I just took some clothes into the yard, stepped on them and got a ton of dirt everywhere.

And… time to add a bit of blood to the shirt. I did all this over the sink in the laundry room. And the silly thing about all this? The whole time, I kept thinking “Geez, this sink is pretty gross. I’m going to get my shirt all dirty.”


Here it is, still wet and dripping from the fake blood.

Fast forward to this morning. Applying a few areas with Liquid Latex, and putting some tissue paper on top of that.

Shirt added.

Layer of paint, and with the “wound” areas colored in a bit more. I ripped into the tissue paper, to make it appear more like exposed skin… and colored in the areas underneath the tissue.

A little more fake blood to the wounds…

A photo of the sink, and aftermath.

I threw on some more makeup after this, but I’m pressed for time… so this is all for now. I’m sure there will be some fun stuff in the office, and pictures to follow…

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