Audrey’s Dedication Ceremony, Bethel Church

Tonight we trekked back out to Merrillville, IN to be with Liz’s family for Audrey’s dedication ceremony. Similar to the dedication ceremony for Paige, we attended a service at Bethel Church and got to hang out with Darryl’s family afterwards.

At Tricia’s house afterwards, all the women snuck away to watch Liz try on her wedding dress. I never saw anything or went in, and mostly heard about what was happening when Tricia stepped out of the room, a few times during the evening.

It’s weird to be someone whose tendency is to document all the things that happen, and then be suddenly in a situation where I can’t do that – where I’m not allowed to see or document what’s hapenning.

For most of the night, I got to feed Paige cake and hang out with folks. Fun night with Liz’s family, and a small reminder in the other room that I’ll be joining her family soon.

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