Thanksgiving in Frankfort, IL

The dinner table, early in the afternoon.

The Thanksgiving meal – complete with turkey, gravy, dressing, green beans, potato pie, cranberry sauce, escarole salad and pumpkin soup. Delicious stuff, and a pumpkin pie with coffee followed later in the evening.

After dinner, we spent most of our time in the living room, relaxing and… digesting our meal. Earlier in the day, Bob had thrown on an Errol Flynn movie (Dive Bomber). We also watched A Christmas Carol starring Alastair Sim (a first for me, but a holiday staple for Liz’s family it seems). Let me clarify though – I’m familiar with Dickens’ story, just not the Alastair Sim version of it.

We rounded off the evening with Ratatouille, which Liz brought along. Food everywhere, start to finish… what a day. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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  1. The Alastair Sim version is the best! He’s the crankiest Scrooge of them all. And I think he’s the only one who calls Marley “a bit of underdone potato” — in effect, a gaseous result of a bad dinner.

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