Christmas Tree Decoration, 2008

As has been the tradition, Liz and I got a Christmas tree for the holidays. While we did the tree thing when I was younger, it sort of fell off once my sister and I got older.

The tree I grew up with was a plastic one that we’d haul out of the basement each year. With Liz, getting an actual, real tree has been a bit of a first for me. And definitely something I look forward to.

We went to a nearby Home Depot to get our tree. When I mentioned this at work, several people were surprised that Home Depot carried trees. For the record – they do, and they’ve got a lot of ’em.

And they trim and prep the tree for you, too:

Transporting the tree home.

Breaking out the ornaments from storage, and getting the lights ready.

Surprisingly, Liz and I don’t have all that many ornaments. I think we may need to go shopping for some more decorations.

Three at night, with the street lights of Logan Boulevard in the background.

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