Emmis Interactive Holiday Party, 2008

Our company holiday party this year was at Rey’s house in Barrington – complete with a bus that shuttled people from the city out to the burbs. While Liz and I drove, I’m regretting that decision as rumor has it there were many shenanigans (and a few rounds of Truth or Dare).

Walt, in my opinion, wins hands down for best-dressed at the party.

As always, there was tons of great food.

Instead of raffling off iPods and fancy gadgetry, we decided as an office to pool our money and contribute to a charity this year. I’m proud to say that collectively, we raised $1900 for Heartland Alliance, which was pretty darn awesome (I had no idea we’d get that much in).

While there weren’t electronics, there was still a raffle with some gift certificates and vacation day vouchers. I got lucky and won one of the $50 gift certificates. Here are a few of the other winners:

Did I mention there was a bar in the living room? Surprise of surprises, I got to join in on a shot that Sandra (who never drinks) did. Here, this photo is of a round of tequila that Ben initiated.

Started by Brian L, we did a huge group high-five at the party. For those who missed it, the whole backstory is here.

And what Holiday party would be complete without a Karaoke machine? Phil, as he often does, kick-started things.

Sarah used to work on the docks.

King Justin.

View of the crowd, and folks looking through the song list.

Kisha, singing about her friends.

Katie, Chantelle and AJ.

The jacket comes off when Walt takes the stage!

Derry, driving the crowd crazy.

Charity and Phil are a great team on stage together.

Brian, kickin’ some old school hip-hop.

Sammy saves lives and rocks mics.

What a fun evening, what a great group of folks. I love the people I work with, and tonight was a great celebration of the past year. Happy holidays, everyone!

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  1. As always, looks like a wonderful group of people and a great place to work! It’s so great that you guys take time to have fun to counter all the work you do, too! If your company ever branches into research and needs a research administrator let me know, LOL.

    Layla Reply

  2. Seemed like a wicked party!

    Anonymous Reply

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