Going Under: Fascinating Article on Drug Addiction Among Anesthesiologists

All week, I haven’t had many photos to share. The workdays have been pretty busy for me, and my RSS reader has looked more and more like some kind of odometer that won’t quit.

I got caught up a bit on all the normal surfing/sites I didn’t get to, earlier in the week. One of the links that caught my eye was a New Republic article entitled “Going Under.”

Here’s a link to the article… but something seems amiss with the NR site right now. Here’s a print-only link.

Cambron initially told no one of his decision to use morphine–not his colleagues, not even his live-in girlfriend, from whom he hid his syringes. What he was doing was illegal, and he knew others would disapprove. But his shame was leavened by a certain amount of confidence, even arrogance. During the 80-hour weeks he put in at Beth Israel, a Harvard teaching hospital considered one of the best in the world, he practiced medicine at its highest level. People could quibble with other choices Cambron might make, but if he chose to do something medical–even to himself–then it was, by definition, the right choice.

This was one of those fascinating articles that I just got totally sucked into.

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