Police Search Metra Train, Mike Gets a Gun Pointed At Him

Mike always seems to have the most interesting trips in to work. Around 9:30 AM, I walked out of my office to see several folks on the Affiliate side huddled around a few computers. The speakers were up, and I heard Mike’s voice talking about how his train was stopped, and how police were searching for someone with a gun.

It’s slightly ironic that, with the reports of a gun being on the train, Mike ended up having a gun pointed AT him (by the police).

Who needs coffee when you’ve got the business end of a pistol, eighteen inches away?

Small radio world that it is, it was Sherman and Tingle who were interviewing Mike during the search. Thanks to Katie, for getting me a copy of the mp3!

Just got a link from Mike. Turns out it was a Secret Service agent who had the gun. Here’s an article that includes a photo of Mike on the train – he’s in the top image, on the far right. Direct link to the image here.

Chicagoist article
ABC7 article

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