Cursebird: Real-Time Feed of People Cussing on Twitter

If you ever wanted to know just how potty-mouthed people are on Twitter… Cursebird is the perfect site for you. And what’s even nicer is that you can look up yourself, and see where you rank.

Displaying real-time explicative-laden tweets, this is a bit mesmerizing to watch. It’s a lot like Twistori, but with more F-bombs. [via MetaFilter]

This reminds me of one of my all-time favorite cussing-related posts/videos. It’s an old BBC commercial that features a ton of US and UK celebrities, talking about their favorite swear word. Fucking brilliant.

Fair warning: the audio is most assuredly NSFW, so put on those headphones! In fact, I’d argue that 98% of the entire video is composed entirely of swear words.

Click here to launch the commercial in a popup window. You wankaaaaa…

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  1. mrooney swears like a MuteRanked: Bottom / Swears: 0 / Score: Lame of 100- i would’ve though i had at least one or two in there!

    margaret Reply

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