What’s That Knocking Sound?

While working at my computer, I heard what sounded like a knocking, outside of my office window. A bit weird, since I was up on the 7th floor.

Turning around, I jumped a bit when I saw two guys outside. Throughout the week I saw a rope dangling over my window… and always assumed it was a window washer.

While I did stop to take a photo, they both seemed pretty intent on whatever work they were doing (repairs I think, and not cleaning). The guy saw me with my camera, and paused a bit… but that was the only reaction I got. I wanted to wave to them, or have them wave back on camera. But then I had these horrible visions of them trying to pose for me and accidentally falling over the edge of their scaffold, and nixed the idea right there.

Despite a pretty decent confrontation of my fear if heights, I’m usually terrible with high places. I don’t know how these guys do it.

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