We’re All Gonna Die – 100 Meters of Existence: Portrait of 178 People by Simon Hoegsberg

I posted about Simon Hoegsberg way back in 2005, when I first saw his Thought Project. Looks like he’s been busy since then, and recently came out with his latest, entitled We’re All Gonna Die – 100 Meters of Existence.

It’s a 100 meter long image containing 178 people, all photographed from the same spot over the course of 20 days. If you like people-watching, you’re going to love this.

While I don’t profess to fully understand his title, I was drawn in to each of the strangers I saw in the piece. Beyond my love of the whole repetition and variation aspect, I’m drawn in by all the different individuals. So many people, so many different vectors and intentions and desires. It made me think of all the things everyone had in common, and all the different ways each person presented themselves to the world.

Reading over his interview with Darren Rowse, I kept thinking about my conversation with Mike about 9/11.

Definitely check out some of Hoegsberg’s other work, as he’s got a lot of other great photo essays and projects.

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  1. Anyone have any thoughts on the couple with the eye bandages?I am finding myself REALLY wanting to know the story behind that.

    avoision Reply

  2. this made me miss london – for fashion and sheer weirdness! yes, the eye bandage couple (same eye!?) are weird – note the bandaged hand to your left as well…..

    g Reply

  3. At first, my best explanation was that there’s some eye doctor near by. But the bandaged hand throws an extra variable in the equation. Maybe there’s a hospital in the vicinity?Very weird.

    avoision Reply

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