Babysitting Paige and Audrey

Liz and I got to babysit for the evening tonight. Darryl and Tricia came in to the city, and were going out to celebrate their anniversary. They were looking for something a little “different,” and we ended up suggesting they go try out Korean BBQ over at San Soo Gab San.

While we didn’t put the kids to work like we did last time, there was a lot of the same activities as before – running up and down the hallways, hanging out on the couch watching some movies. That sort of thing.

Liz and I would trade off a bit – I’d be cooking dinner while she was watching both kids, she was cleaning up while I watched both. Looking after two kids at the same time was a new thing for me. It’s not exactly more work per se, just slightly different work I guess. The sports analogy I’ve heard is that you’re no longer playing man-on-man defense, and really are doing more of a zone defense thing with two.

Here’s a secret weapon though: bring out the camera, and Paige immediately becomes fascinated. Because I’ve got a reversible viewscreen, I can position things so that she can see herself – something she gets really fascinated by.

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