Thru-You: Fantastic Collection of YouTube Music Video Mashups by Kutiman

ThruYou is a site full of video mashups by Kutiman, an Isaeli funk musician and producer.

At first, when I was reading about it on MetaFilter, I thought to myself “ok, sure, another mashup thingy.” But after listening to his first video, The Mother of All Funk Chords, I gotta tell ya… I’m completely blown away.

This is no random mixture of a bunch of disparate YouTube videos – this is well timed stuff, with an incredibly skillful hand (and ear) behind the scenes. I love how all these different individual clips and segments all come together to make some pretty incredible tracks.

I’m reminded of Mic in Track, by stark-effect, who has created a ton of interesting audio tracks based on users who have accidentally allowed file-sharing programs to access personal audio recordings from their computers.

I’m still quite moved by Think of Me, everytime I hear it.


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