Celebrating My Mom’s Birthday, Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, Indianapolis

Liz and I travelled back to Indy this weekend, to celebrate my mom’s birthday. We all met up at Ruth’s Chris Steak House for a pretty lengthy (and quite indulgent) meal together. Technically it was for my mom, but the timing worked out so that it was sort of my birthday dinner too. Her birthday is March 3rd; mine is March 9th.

It’s an odd thing for us to all go out somewhere together. Ever since my parents’ restaurant closed, this has become a more frequent move for us.

The restaurant used to be our easy default for birthday celebrations. But I have to say, I like that we’re forced somewhat to change things up.

Me and my Uncle Moses. Photo by Jasmine.

My mom with Jasmine, and her incredibly potent, 3-lemon water. Jasmine’s in the process of making a lot of silly faces.

My mom with Jahnu and Jasmine, right after receiving her birthday dessert.

Liz and Stacey, marvelling at the carrot cake – the impossibly tall, four-layer carrot cake that is.

My extra-large hockey-puck of a cheesecake.

Group shot, post-meal. Everyone is impossibly full, and finding it difficult to stand.

Back at Stacey and Shane’s place, I got to open my birthday present. Nothing says “awesome gift” quite like a handmade birthday card.

This is a bit random, but Shane got two new pets for the household. I forget exactly what type of frog this is, but he’s beginning to build out a custom enironment/fishtank for them. Both are incredibly tiny, with the most amazing looking feet.

A bit of sad news – Stacey and Shane recently lost one of their dogs, Pele. It was quite sudden, and by the time the doctors discovered what was wrong… it was too late to really do anything about it.

After we got home, the rest of the evening was more or less just hanging out in the living room. Shane and I did a bit of surfing on the web, Stacey and Liz talked some about our wedding and tried on the shoes that Liz brought along. In fact, the kids were all trying on the shoes as well:

A silly end to a very full evening. Happy birthday Mom!

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  1. Looks like a great time. I can’t believe how big Jasmine has gotten! I think that’s a red-eyed tree frog from the Amazon?? Roman would know…

    Layla Reply

  2. It is a red-eyed tree frog. But you should ask Roman to confirm. :)

    Liz Reply

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