Awesome Birthday Surprise: My Office, Filled with Balloons

Today is my birthday. I turned 35. At work, we have a great policy where you can take a “birthday day” off, and it doesn’t count against your vacation days.

I was figuring on taking Friday off, as Mondays are usually busy with meetings and whatnot. This morning, on the way in, Liz wanted to walk with me to my office. I didn’t think much of it until I got to my door:

Through the window, I saw a gazillion balloons… all hanging from the ceiling, each one attached to a small, hand-made note!

Apparently, Liz had been doing this behind my back for some time now. She contacted a ton of folks in my address book, and got notes and well-wishes from all over the place. And I guess late last night, she and Justin snuck in to my office to load the place up with balloons and notes. Freaking AWESOME.

Me with my fantastic birthday surprise…

It’s funny that Liz chose to continue the birthday theme this year. As reference, check out what happened last year: My Amazing (and Slightly Terrifying) Birthday Surprise.

One of my favorite notes – a portrait of me, by my niece Jasmine.

One of the very many notes, dangling above my head as I type this.

My friend Dipti included a few photos from way back – middle school, high school, college. Here’s me with a bit of short hair (back when I was a young, young man of 25).

So much great stuff here. It’s like I’m working inside an art installation! Everytime I walk in to my office, I’m just surrounded by a ton of happiness.

This is the view from my chair, looking up.

Another view of the room, from the door.

I can’t explain how surprised I was, and how fantastic a gift this is. All around me, I have these reminders – these positive thoughts from so many good people. And all I need to do is simply pause, and reach up – and I’ll find a reason to smile and be happy.

For the most part, almost all of us have this at any given time – friends and family who cheer for us, who love us, and wish us well. We sometimes forget about them in the scramble and busy-ness of the day to day. They’re there – those reasons to be happy, those people who care for us – it’s just not oftentimes easy to remember they’re there.

With me today… my reasons and reminders have manifested in the forms of balloons and paper. Like everyone else, I feel lucky to be surrounded by so much goodness and kindness and love. And it’s awesome to be able to simply turn around and look… and to see it all.

Liz – thank you for being so sneaky and amazing. Every man who came before me was a fool to let you slip away. I love you very much.

What an awesome day this is. Everyone needs a birthday gift like this.

My Amazing (and Slightly Terrifying) Birthday Surprise
*pop* *pop* *pop* *pop*

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  1. Thank you to everyone that was able to write in for this surprise. It was awesome to have so many notes from everyone.But there also were many of you that Felix loves that wern’t able to send me notes since I was not able to contact you. I didn’t find your email address (or most recent email address) on a particular contact/address application that Felix has on his computer. And I didn’t know where else to go. (I wanted to write a comment on here to everyone but Felix reads them! ugh)So if anyone still cares to, I’m sure he would welcome more birthday comments on his site. And again, I’m sorry if some of you were left out. It wasn’t intentional. :|Love lots & Happy Birthday Felix,Liz

    Liz Reply

  2. Way cool! And happy birthday, from another random 3/9er. :)

    Ninjakitten Reply

  3. Happy Birthday Felix! Kindest wishes for an amazing year. You are lucky to realize how lucky you are :)Liz – awesome job! :)

    g Reply

  4. That is AWESOME! Very cool Liz, I just may have to “borrow” that idea from you someday.Happy Birthday Felix! If 35 treats you half as well as 34 did, you’ll be doing pretty damn well! All the best bud!

    Dustin Reply

  5. awww.. very nice… ads some color to your office as well… Nice work LIZ (and justin)

    TJ Mapes Reply

  6. Happy birthday again, Felix! (Wished you one on Crackbook, too.) Man, your hair is like, super long! I know it was much shorter back in grad school. Hope you totally enjoyed your day.

    Barb Reply

  7. Thanks Justin! Couldn’t have pulled this off without you. :)

    Liz Reply

  8. This is so, SO cool! I think I saw it in two different places online yesterday. I would love to link to this in the future if you didn’t mind. Happy Birthday!

    Rachel Reply

  9. very nice… This is so, SO cool!

    eco Reply

  10. What a great birthday surprise!

    amber d. Reply

  11. liz really does give you a lot of amazing, magical moments. i couldn’t be happier for the two of you.

    madonna Reply

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