A Bicycle Built for 2,000: Global Voices Create Rendition of Daisy Bell Song

Bicycle Built for 2,000 is a great project by Aaron Koblin and Daniel Massey and the voice recordings of 2,088 strangers.

Using Amazon’s Mechanical Turk (a fascinating service that deserves its own blog entry), they were able to get people to record themselves singing bits of the song Daisy Bell – the first song sung by a computer, and later made famous in Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey.

The project’s info page has a lot more great background. This is such a neat, cool project – it’s part music, part art – just a really, really neat and creative idea.

[via Mefi and Information Aesthetics]


Ok – also? After seeing this project’s name, I couldn’t help but think of the bicycle built for seven – the Conferencebike!

In 2004, the price for one was $13,500 (delivered). I wonder, some five years later, whether that price has gone up or down…

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