Happy (Almost) Pi Day

While it’s not quite Pi Day yet (3/14), I figured a reminder is still in order. Since this year’s Pi Day falls on a Saturday, my guess is most people will be passing around links and such today (Friday).

For those who may not have seen it, or for those who want a jumpstart getting their nerd on… check out my pi10k experiment.

I’m always amazed at the traffic I see to this particular guy, despite the fact that I made it way back when I first started tinkering with Flash. The project itself was an exercise in trying to learn about strings and arrays. And all these years later, right around this time in March… a lot of folks wind up stopping by.

Happy (almost) Pi Day to you and yours, regardless of whether you celebrate the mathematical one…or the edible one.

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  1. Ooohhhh…kaaayyyyyy. Felix, your degrees are in English!!! Is there a Pie Day? =P

    Barb Reply

  2. This is a very good idea! However, the results are usually horrible =DI would suggest using a slower BPM and using a different sample, the little piano sample just doesn’t do it at all…But cool idea nonetheless, it’s worth experimenting with it (maybe you could use a group of 6 digits 1:note 2:oscillator 3456:ADSR =) )

    XC3N Reply

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