A Smiley Face Made of Magnets

This guy has been sitting on my desk, unchanged, for the better part of a week (a creation made by Katie). Usually, when folks swing by my office they invariably pick up my set of NeoCube magnets and start playing around.

However – when folks saw this smiley guy, they didn’t feel right about messing it up. I’ve had a lot of creations with the magnets: flowers, cylinders, all sorts of things. But this was the first thing that actually gave people pause, as they didn’t want to destroy it.

Jane was in chatting with me yesterday, and expressed wanting to play with the magnets… but not wanting to mess up the smiley. I figured the magnets were meant to be in a constant state of change, so I snapped a pic of it for posterity… so that Katie’s work could live on.

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