Luckiest Penny Ever

I was at the bank yesterday after work, waiting to get a roll of quarters (for our laundry machine). While in line, I looked over and spotted this on the ground.

While I don’t normally pick up pennies, I felt compelled to do so. I realized that I was inside a bank, and that fact made me see this penny as different from your regular, run-of-the-mill street penny.

The building I was in (the Bank of America on Adams and State) was designed with the sole purpose of keeping track of all the money that went in or out its doors. Additionally, nearly everyone inside the building (those visiting the bank as well as those employed by the bank) all share the same desire: to retain as much of their own money as possible.

The building went so far as to hire a guard who, armed with a firearm, keeps watch so that no one loses their money.

Finding a penny is considered a sign of good luck. Finding a penny inside a bank feels to me like the same kind of thing, only kicked up a few notches.

My lucky Bank penny.

And now, for me to be truly lucky, I just need to find an additional 99,999,999 of this guy’s brothers and sisters.

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  1. Great post. I am so heartened by anyone who thinks this much (this oddly? this deeply?) about something as purportedly simple as finding a penny.I read your blog regularly and really like it. Okay if I link to this post from my blog?

    Robin Einzig Reply

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Robin. No need to ask permission, feel free to link away!

    avoision Reply

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