Stolen Luck: Bank Where I Found a Lucky Penny Gets Robbed, Less Than 24 Hours Later

Remember how I found a penny a few days ago? And how it was the luckiest penny ever? The bank where I found that penny was near my work place – the Bank of America located at State and Adams.

Turns out that on Friday, at around 1PM, the bank was robbed! Craziness.

There’s a small, guilty part of me that realizes I technically stole a penny from the Bank. As a result, a part of me wonders if I opened some kind of karmic door that allowed someone else to follow afterwards, and steal even more money. I’m also wondering whether my taking the penny somehow took away the bank’s good luck.

They’re silly thoughts of course, as I’m not one who is all that superstitious. But the coincidence is something else, and I’m still amazed by how quickly one action followed the other.

I’m kinda curious whether I’m going to get a phone call about this. Not necessarily because of my blog, but when I was in line on Thursday (the day before the robbery), I took out my camera and took a photo of the penny I found.

My guess is that the authorities are reviewing a lot of security tape right now. And I’m sure that one of the cameras in the bank has me taking out my camera… and snapping a quick photo on a Thursday evening, less than 24 hours before the robbery.

Probably just paranoia. But having gotten in trouble before on a few occassions with the camera, it’s hard to tell sometimes how some folks will react.

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  1. I still can’t believe you robbed that bank.

    Zambito Reply

  2. You just sassed your way RIGHT out of your cut, Smart Guy.

    avoision Reply

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