Post-Work Drinks with Coworkers, Plymouth Grill

On Friday after work, a bunch of folks headed out to the nearby Plymouth Grill (holy crap – they have a horrific website) for some post-work drinks. We’ve had a similar outing here in the past (with just the Design team), but today we had folks from all departments join in.

L to R it’s Nick, Marcel and Brian R.

Phil, shouting out to someone. In back L to R it’s
Justin, Ben, TJ, Kisha and Sarah.

Chris and AJ, chatting over a bucket of beer. In back it’s Renata chatting with Kevin.

Darren and Justin (and Darren’s beer).

Renata and Kisha, posing for a pic.

Depsite being a bit crowded and noisy (to be expected, since today was an increddibly nice/warm Friday), it was fun hanging out with coworkers in a non-work environment. I got to rub elbows a bit more with folks who I don’t normally get to see so often, and it just felt… nice.

I like working for a place where folks like one another’s company. I take this sort of thing for granted sometimes, as I guess it’s a little less than usual for most workplaces. But I like the fact that we choose to spend our spare time with one another. We get along pretty well.

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  1. It WAS a lot of fun and nice to have so many people come out. I had a really great time and am looking forward to the next one.

    jen Reply

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