Evan Jacover and the Journey to the End of the Night

I can’t remember when I first came across Evan Jacover’s blog. It was a while ago, as he and I traded some emails. He liked my Astronaut Project, and got inspired to create his own approach to integrating Flickr and music: Flickrtunes.

Recently, I saw a few posts of his and wanted to share. Evan recently participated in something called Journey to the End of the Night.

Far as I can tell, it’s a large-scale organized game that’s somewhat based on tag. Looking at the rules, a group of folks try to make it from one part of the city to another, with 6 checkpoints in betweeen. There are “chasers” stationed in between, and if you’re caught by a chaser… you become a chaser yourself. No bikes, no cars – just public transportation and your own two feet.

The event page is pretty fun, as is this video. I had no idea such a thing existed!

Though my lungs are crap after having been a smoker for so long… I think I’d find this sort of thing fun. Even if I could only run a block or two before getting totally winded.

Gotta set up a reminder for myself, next year.

2007 Chiditarod
Chicago Assassins

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  1. I totally heard about this… I think maybe even from you… I thought it involved toy guns though.

    TJ Mapes Reply

  2. This sounds exactly like a game I played in Florida with my friends. It was called “Man Hunt” and we played it on the grounds of our very large apartment complex. The rules are very similar too, there was a team who’s mission was to reach the safe house without getting caught. On the other side of things was a group of people who became the hunters and if they caught you then you were recruited to join as a hunter. Yeah so it’s really very similar. I’ve never tried it with check points though. But I can imagine you need those in a larger playing area.Very cool none-the-less, I think we should play! :)

    Justin Reply

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