Crush the Castle: Best Flash-Based Trebuchet Game Ever

Crush the Castle
is a dangerous, time-sucking game. Armed with a trebuchet, your job is to destroy all the other castles in the land.

If you liked Totem Destroyer, this game has some similar physics.

I’m happy to see that all my prior research and training is about to pay off. As a sidenote, I’ve lost maybe 40 minutes so far on this game, and I’m stuck on Level 19.


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  1. heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy wattt up heyyyy i like eggs

    Anonymous Reply

  2. I remembered that it was your blog that turned me onto this game. And now I will use the comments to let you know that they have released an iPhone version. And since I know that you’ve recently switched from Blackberry to iPhone I thought I would spread the addiction, I mean word. :)

    Justin Siddons Reply

  3. I wish I could play this game but my school will not let me!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anonymous Reply

  4. stupid game blocks on the school computers… am i supposed to play this amazing game if i can’t find a website thats not blocked?!?!

    Anonymous Reply

  5. You could always try to search for the phrase “crush the castle swf” on Google. This would show you any other site that just grabbed the game .swf file, and are hosting it themselves.

    avoision Reply

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