Pecha Kucha Prep

First draft of my upcoming Pecha Kucha talk.

I’ve been going back and forth as to how to begin – writing down notes first, or creating individual slides. I settled on notecards, which felt like a natural in-between.

Up until tonight, I’ve been pretty stressed out and nervous. Not so much about the talk, but more about all the *stuff* I have to get done between now and then. In addition to coming up with the talk itself, I need to make graphics/slides, and also practice the hell out of things between now and then. On top of that, I’ve got a few other projects on the side that I’m wanting to complete as well.

Time’s always such a factor, it seems.

Tonight though, I felt a ton better. I’ve got a rough outline sketched out, and I no longer feel like I’m roaming around lost. At the very least, I’ve got the roughest of maps.

I spread myself out over the dining room table, and I’m back to feeling like I’ve got more content than can fit in the time alloted. Once I get a few more passes on the overall arc of the talk, it’ll be time to crank out graphics and slides (I’m planning on keeping the slides as clean as possible – mostly photos or images, with just a little bit of text).

Tonight definitely felt good and productive. My stress levels dropped a good deal, and I’m totally excited once more to be getting up on stage in front of a crowd.

As an aside (and a shameless bit of self-promotion), I wandered back over to my Flash Experiments. It was fun going over those guys again, as it’s been a while since I had seen/heard some of the older ones.

This is going to sound arrogant, but I don’t mean it to be: I was watching the Astronaut project again, and was just blown away by it. Not in a “look at me and how fancy I am” way, but in a glimpse-of-the-world kind of way.

As I was watching, in my mind I compared that project to me building a window. Am I proud of the work I did, and the way that the window turned out? You bet I am. But as proud as I am for what I made, I am in no way responsible for the view.

And last night, I was reminded of the view.

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  1. Hi,Love your PK prep discussion! I’m also presenting next Tuesday. Meet you then,Bonnie Peterson

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