First Beatbox Battle Online World Championship: Julia Dales and Daichi

I’m not a huge fan of beatboxing, but I saw two videos this AM that dropped my jaw. So amazing! I’m not even sure I understand how a human can make some of these sounds.

Check out Julia Dales, 17, from Canada:

Also, check out Daichi, 18, from Japan:

Just… stunning. I’m re-watching these, laughing, and shaking my head saying “good god.”

Julia Dales was the winner of the first Beatbox Battle Online World Championship. For more beatbox awesomeness, check out this original post on MetaFilter.

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  1. I’m more surprised by her nonchalantness than her actual ability

    Margaret Reply

  2. i could beatbox better than this girl in my sleep… not

    Nomad Reply

  3. I think they are both amazing and it is cool to see such art. They both must have spent many hours perfecting their craft. Julia is amazing and Daichi is a very close second in this competition.It is unfortunate that more people don’t get to see this because I ran across it on a random search. Art is all around us lets all take time out of our busy schedules to enjoy it.

    kevin meick Reply

  4. I’m approving this comment, but I want you to know, Sara, that it’s fairly evident you work for (or were hired by) Green Buzz Agency.You’ve got Julia Dales doing a custom video for you, so I don’t see why you wouldn’t just come out and say that. I’m guessing you’re searching around for blogs mentioning Dales, since you guys just launched your YouTube contest with her at the start of February.Being more direct here would have actually given you a bit more credibility, in my book. Versus now, where Green Buzz Agency (at least to me) feels a little… you know. Sketchy.

    avoision Reply

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