Odd Reflection, Caused by a Unique Confluence of Glass and Light

I was working in the dining room on Sunday afternoon. Liz walked in and noticed that there was an odd reflection on the ground, near her work table. It was a series of small circles near the leg of the table… but she couldn’t figure out what, exactly, was causing the reflection.

When I got up and moved, we noticed that a shadow crossed across the reflection. But not in a regular way – it caused a ripple of shadows, rather than just making the thing disappear outright.

We figured out that the cause of the reflection came from one of the small, glass circles that are decorating our window. Apparently, the sun and one circle in particular were lined up in just the right way, and ended up causing this effect:

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  1. Looks more like the leg of the table is causing it. When you move your arm it blocks the light from reaching the reflective leg, causing it to reflect less. Notice too that when you spread your fingers there are a few dark circles on the floor.Aha, and I guess it’s a full circle because the sun hits the wall behind the table, and that reflected light then hits the backside of the leg.

    Louis Reply

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