Scooter Rides for All!

On our way out, we offered up some scooter rides… and TJ, Erin and Justin were all interested.

Erin, preparing to take off down the street…

TJ, giving Liz’s Vino a test drive.

Liz showing Josh (?) where the gas and brakes are.

It was fun to see folks zip around on the scooters, and a few folks even tried to brave Logan Boulevard. Given their reaction, I think Erin and Justin may have gotten the scooter bug. All we need are a few more folks, some jackets, and we’ve got ourselves a scooter gang…

Liz’s Other Scooter
The Vino Rides Again!
The Vino Rides Again, Again!
Behind the Scenes at Scooterworks
Motoworks Chicago: Picking Up Liz’s Vespa

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  1. Again, that was super awesome! Thanks again for the joyrides!

    TJ Mapes Reply

  2. I’m really glad you and Liz were able to stop by. I had a blast riding the scooters! Thanks for the good times!

    Justin Reply

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