Concert in the Stairwell

Madhu is one of our developers, and an incredibly nice (and quiet) guy to boot. Turns out, he likes singing. And yesterday, he held a small concert in the stairwell, with people standing on the steps between floors to listen.

I found out that he had given two concerts, prior to today. And I’m amazed that something like this happened (twice!) and I had no idea.

Does anyone have the story as to how the first concert came to be? Was he just practicing in the stairwell, and someone overheard him… and then a mini-concert was arranged? Very curious about this.

Unfortunately, at the time of the concert I was in a meeting and couldn’t attend. But Justin was kind enough to take my camera and record a bit so that I could share Madhu’s singing here.

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  1. madhu is a brave soul. Sounds great though!

    TJ Mapes Reply

  2. That was awesome! I think its great that he was just doing this by himself in the stairwell in the first place.

    Liz Reply

  3. W o w, the things I never knew about the people I work with. This is soooo great. I want an invitation to the next concert!

    Justin Reply

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