RIPT Apparel: T-Shirt Designs That Only Live for 24 Hours

TJ and a few of his friends recently launched a clothing site called RIPT Apparel. It’s been up for a little while, but today officially marks the first day they’ve got a t-shirt for sale. So swing on by and have a look!

The premise of RIPT Apparel is a very interesting one: each day, a new t-shirt will be made available. Starting at midnight, people can buy the shirt… but only for one day. When midnight rolls around again, the shirt is removed and is never sold again. At that time, a new shirt appears and the cycle starts over again.

The neat thing is that each shirt has a limited run, making for a great incentive to buy (scarcity and all that). On the flip side, artists can submit designs and have a run of their own shirts made. If selected, artists receive $1 for every shirt sold on the day their design is up.

There’s a special promotion (this week only): if you join the site’s community, you’ll get a chance to win a free shirt!

I’m writing this on Monday, a few minutes after the first shirt just went live. Congratulations on the site launch, TJ! And I hope you guys get a flood of orders on your first day!

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  1. Thanks so much Felix… its been an hour and we did get a few already so things are looking up! Thanks for the write up and the chat a few minutes before we flipped the site!

    TJ Reply

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