Nick Gets a Chocolate Moustache

Yesterday, Liz ended up taking all the chocolate noses and moustaches in to her work place, but ended up having one extra. Sometime mid-afternoon, I met up with her and grabbed the extra chocolate moustache, and figured I’d put it up for grabs in the office.

I sent out an email offering it to the first person who could come in to my office and answer the following questions:

1) Chocolate comes from the seed of what tree?
2) On May 23, 2009, the World Beard and Moustache Championship was held in
what city?

Nick got the answers in literally under a minute. And I don’t think he even had to look anything up!

Next time, I’ll have to make the questions a little harder, and give everyone else a sporting chance. I should have gone with a Math question, which was my original impulse.

Congrats, Nick! The chocolate moustache becomes you.

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  1. math question = nick still wins

    margaret Reply

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