Liz’s Graduation and Celebration: Master’s of Science in Applied Statistics

Outside of the ceremony site, across from Allstate Arena. Liz showing off her ceremonial robes, along with the “hood” that accompanies those receiving their Master’s degree.

Oh, and as a side note – she’s also graduating “with distinction.” How awesome is that?

Liz with Bob and Julie.

Allstate arena, across from where we were hanging out.

This is the best photo I got, unfortunately. The first floor was pretty much filled up when we arrived, and most of my images were pretty blurry from this height. I tried getting Liz’s photo on the big screen when she received her diploma, but there were a slew of people walking up the aisles, blocking my view.

I think Liz’s mom had a pretty powerful lens on her camera, and was scouting out a good vantage point. If I get one of her photos, I’ll post it here.

Post-ceremony. Well, sorta. Liz and I texted one another, and we decided to have her sneak out a little early. Since the graduates went first, we decided it wouldn’t make sense to sit through the entire undergraduate portion just out of politeness.

For dinner, we all gathered at Maggiano’s near Woodfield Mall. Lots and lots of family came for the celebration, so we ended up getting a very large table to seat everyone.

Bob and Julie, all smiles.

Here’s a view of the table. Liz’s dad flew in with his family, and my family make the trek in from Indy too (along with my grandma).

Liz made some additional chocolate moustaches for the kids. Naturally, they were a little more colorful than the regular ones.

Isabelle, showing off her purple moustache as Anne helps Jackson with his.

Liz’s dad Kirt, posing with Audrey.

Cameron, showing off how he color coordinated his shirt with his moustache. Very classy look, Cam!

I’m seeing double here! Four moustaches!

Julie, pointing out one of the absolute best reasons why Maggiano’s is awesome: their tiramisu.

Jahnu, moustache askew.

Jasmine, showing off her stache. She originally ate about half of this, and re-wrapped the remaining portion “for daddy.” About 15 minutes later, I saw her chowing down on the remaining portion. When I asked her about saving things for her dad, she shrugged and scampered away.

Liz with my grandma and her mom.

Liz with her dad, my mom and my grandma.

My family usually ends large gatherings with these lengthy, protracted “group shots” of everyone in attendance. I’m torn now – I’m glad we didn’t have to do that this time, but also sad that I didn’t get photos of everyone.

Big thanks are due to Liz’s dad, Kirt, who set up the reservations and took care of everything for dinner (in addition to flying in all the way from Georgia, no less).

It was great to see Liz surrounded by family, and wonderful for us all to gather and celebrate her accomplishment. For all the hard work she’s put in for school, tonight truly felt like a culmination/celebration of the past two years.

Congratulations, Liz! You smarty-pants, you.

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  1. Congratulations to you, Liz!!! What an achievement. Hope you’re feeling relieved, relaxed, proud, and satisfied!!!! YEAH!

    Allison Bogner Reply

  2. Congratulations, Liz!!! Also good job with getting the hood on properly. Having gone through this the same time last year, I’m thankful there were people there to help me fix mine.It looks like you had a beautiful day. (And good idea on leaving early. I was not as fortunate)

    jen Reply

  3. pretty dress!(& congrats)

    Rachelle Reply

  4. Stella Liu on Aug.25, 2009Congratulations,Liz!! A Master with distinction is truly a great honor. Not only that you are a beautiful person, super smart as well. Felix is indeed the most fortunate guy.I am happy to see Mabel and her family at the celebration together with yours.

    Stella Liu Reply

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