Penny Arcade: Three Storylines, Three Beginnings…

Penny Arcade is a site/comic I’ve followed for a good long while now. I’m not quite the hard-code gamer that makes up their primary audience, but I still find it incredibly fun (and funny) to see what the two main characters (Tycho and Gabe) are up to.

Recently, they’ve taken to creating three different stories that differ in content and style from their usual look and feel. While I’m used to comics like The Time of His Life and Le Twittre, these three new comics were impressive enough to me to warrant a bit of mention.

Basically, they’re letting readers vote on which of these three stories they should continue.

If nothing else, check out the range of comics these guys are making: Automata, Lookouts and Jim Darkmagic. You can read up on the backstory here.

Penny Arcade is one of my daily reads, and I love the humor on the site (even if I don’t always get the jokes). I like these guys. Maybe you’ll like them too.

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