Clay Shirky Video: How Technology is Shaping Groups and Conversations

I’ve just spent the past 20 minutes totally sucked in to this video of Clay Shirky, talking about the ways technology and the Internet are changing the way we communicate. Here’s a taste:

“What matters here isn’t technical capital, it’s social capital. These tools don’t get socially interesting until they get technologically boring. I tisn’t when the shiny new tools show up that their uses start permeating society… it’s when everbody is able to take them for granted.”

He’s a pretty great public speaker, and the current examples he chooses to highlight help support his points to great effect. Lots of interesting stuff to mull over in this one.

Via MetaFilter, which I normally love. But in this particular case, the thread that brought me to Shirky’s talk is kind of an example of how things go wrong with groups. Talk about a post derailing… yeesh.

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