Dipping Into the Fireworks Archive

Sadly, Liz and I didn’t do much celebrating this Fourth of July. Most of our weekend was spent working on our wedding invitations, so our heads were down and our hands busy at work.

That said though, let me point you back to one of my absolutely favorite firework displays/celebrations: Shane’s amazing fireworks display from 2007.

Let me assure you, this was no mere Sparkler and Crazy Jacks display. There was some substantial firepower involved, as evidenced here by this massive board of fireworks. I’m not sure how heavy it was, but I do know that it took four people to light the thing, and that it was designed to be lit simultaneously.

As an FYI, this day made my Ten Best Days list (for 2007).

Happy Birthday, America! I’m sorry we didn’t attend or throw a party for you, but we got pretty busy getting our wedding stuff together. I hope you had a good night.

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