The Space Game: Fun and Complex Tower Defense Game

I’m not usually a fan of Tower Defense type games, but The Space Game was actually pretty compelling. Instead of just slowly fortifying yourself against an ever-increasing wave of attackers, there was an extra level of asset management that made things a little more complex.

When I first saw the screenshot of this game, I figured it would be immediately too hard. But after playing around a bit, I actually was able to pick up the game quite easily.

Each “round” actually takes a while, if you keep the game at regular speed (in some cases, up to about 10 minutes). I say this as a good thing, as the re-playability of the game is pretty high.

All in all, a pretty fun and enjoyable game (despite the horrible name). It’s easy to pick up, but gets much harder to finish, particularly at the later levels.

I lost a fair amount of time here, which is always a good indicator for me. Worth noting: The Space Game was created by David Scott, the guy who originally created Flash Element TD, one of the very first Tower Defense games.

[via Twelvestone and mclarkson]

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