Katie Participates in the Valpo Triathlon – Valparaiso, Indiana

Liz and I woke up early this AM to travel to Valparaiso, Indiana. We were headed to Rogers-Lakewood Park, to watch (and cheer on) Katie as she participated in the annual Valpo Triathlon

We weren’t able to get to the swim portion, but saw it from a distance. Katie later described this part of the triathlon as “being kicked in the face,” with people all around – in front, behind, below. And the whole time, the water was some kind of murky green… and all she could do was follow bubbles as a means of navigation.

We were at the bottom of a hill, positioned somewhat close to the start of the bicycle portion. The riders would head out and later circle back this way and drop their bicycles back near the swim station where they began.

Katie, setting out on the bike and second part of the triathlon.

As we walked over to meet the other family members there to support Katie, we wandered by the water.

As folks came by finishing up their rides, I fiddled with my camera settings and tried to get some action shots. Kinda happy with how some of these came out.

Liked this one too.

Katie, a little blurry, zipping by on her bike.

Dan and Savannah and Cameron, along with Katie’s mom and sister.

The finish line.

Across the water, there was a small bridge that led to the final straightaway.

Everyone in wait, keeping an eye out for Katie as she rounds the final curve.

Katie (on the right) with her training partner Rachel.

Katie and Rachel, posing with their numbers (and inspiring future triathlon athletes).

Congratulations, Katie!

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