Repeating Ads Within the Tunnel at State/Jackson

On the way home today… I noticed that all the ads were replaced in the tunnel between the Blue and Red Lines, at Jackson. Not only that though, they were al replaced with the exact same advertisement.

I imagine the goal of this was to saturate the area, and get the company’s message out. But the effect on me was that it totally creeped me out. It felt a bit like those movies where an oppressive government hits its citizens with the same propoganda, over and over and over again.

This photo doesn’t really do the feeling justice. Creeeepy.

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  1. For all the saturation in that tunnel, I didn’t even really understand what they were saying with the ad in the first place! Maybe I was missing something obvious, but I looked at it and thought, “Our potatoes are grown closer than you think… OK, it’s some kind of locavore statement?” Are they trying to point out that their potatoes don’t come from an industrial farm 1000s of mile away (which I have trouble believing)? And if so, is that something that gives a large percentage of their target consumers pause while in the grocery store?I really feel like I missed something here. While I like the idea of people thinking about where their food comes from, it just seems like a somewhat niche message to attempt to convey in a really bludgeon-y kind of way. If that’s even what the ad is trying to say.

    Allison Reply

  2. Walls covered in the same advertisements over and over makes me think I’m trapped in a video game where they didn’t have the time, money or ram available to expend on additional art assets.

    Mellzah Reply

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