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I’ve been away for a few days, as my Bachelor party started on Friday evening and didn’t really end until about Sunday, mid-afternoon. I’ve got a lot of fun pictures and videos, but all I’ve done since I got back was sleep. So – small raincheck, until I get a bit more time to update things here.

I’m currently covered in more mosquito bites than I realized. I think I’ve got at least eight on my right elbow.

Good stuff coming up.

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  1. Yeh man (awesome weekend), somehow this morning what mosquito bites I’d collected have done blossomed — yesterday I knew I had a couple, but jeez-louise I guess they had a bonanza through my pantlegs. “Late bloomers”. Regardless, very happy with time spent with you and friends at Miller, very happy for you re: wedding.

    Rob Reply

  2. Felix has 12 bites alone, on his one elbow!

    Liz Reply

  3. Yeah, I gotta post up a photo. It’s pretty gnarly.

    avoision Reply

  4. I was wearing sandals that evening and you can actually see the outlines of where the sandal straps were… it’s like a sunburn composed of mosquito bites. I haven’t counted, but I’m extremely uncomfortable. Completely worth it, however, just wish I ‘d thought to use repellent on my feet.

    Alex Reply

  5. Can someone tell me why mosquito bites itch?

    Liz Reply

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