Documentary on LaPorte, Indiana

My friend Jason Bitner (co-founder of Found Magazine and the guy behind Cassette from My Ex) is working on a documentary.

The documentary is based on Jason’s book, LaPorte, Indiana: a collection of photographs taken by local photographer Frank Pease. The amazing part of this story is that Jason first came across these photos (over 18,000 in total) in the back room of a local diner.

Working with Emmy-nominated editor and first-time Director Joe Beshenkovsky, the two have been bringing the stories behind the photograph to life. Check out the trailer:

Jason’s currently also using Kickstarter to raise funds for his feature documentary. I’m a big fan of Jason’s projects, and the documentary looks like a great extension of a great book. Swing by and if you like what you see, try to kick in a little to help him on his way.

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