Found (Abandoned) Dog, Logan Square Animal Hospital

After work last night, I met up with Liz, Ben, Allison, Chris and Leslie at a neighborhood bar (Rocking Horse) for a quick drink.

On our way out, we walked back up towards the Milwaukee/Logan intersection, and saw that someone had tied a dog to the door of the (closed) Logan Square Animal Hospital.

At first, we were thinking someone just ran inside and left their dog outside. But it slowly dawned on us that someone simply left their dog here, and they weren’t coming back. I tried calling the number of the hospital, but they were already closed for the day. Rather than try the emergency line, we picked up the guy and took him home with us.

We didn’t come up with a name for the dog, but found out it’s a “he.” We set up a little area in the office (food, water, blanket) and he’s been as docile as can be. At first he was pretty wary, but slowly warmed up. After maybe 30 minutes or so, it became clear it was more starved for attention than it was for food and water.

There’s something going on with the dog’s rear left leg. It just sort of hangs there, and my concern is that it’s broken or I’m not sure what. There haven’t been any problems picking him up – no yelps of pain, no hesitation. He favors his hind right leg a lot, and if we pick him up we use that leg as a stabilizer. It seems like the dog is very used to walking with just one hind leg, but I can’t tell if it’s a recent thing or not.

After leaving him in the office (he really has been super quiet and exuding a zen-like calm the entire evening), Liz and I ran out to do some errands. We also picked up some dog food, a flea collar, some shampoo and some treats/toys. We set up the bathroom with towels, and gave the dog a warm (and much needed) bath.

I’m not sure what we’re going to do. It’s 7:15 AM now, and Liz and I talked last night about some options. I don’t know if we’re able to take on a dog, given how hectic and crazy things are right now, before the wedding. On top of that, we’re leaving the country for a good two weeks, soon after the wedding.

I think the dog needs to get checked out by a vet or a shelter, and I’d like to have the leg looked at. We’re talking about taking him to PAWS or some other no-kill shelter. Once Liz gets up, we’ll probably figure out what we’re going to do this AM about getting this guy some medical attention.

Anyone looking to adopt? We’ll be trying to find a good place for this guy.

// Edit 1
Thanks to Nick for honing in on the breed. Looks like this guy is a Maltese?

// Edit 2
Running nicknames:
Tiny Tim
Professor Snugglesworth

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  1. that puppy is adorable. if i didn’t have allergies and had a pet-friendly apartment, i would totally take him off your hands.kudos to you and liz for doing this good deed – hope you are able to find a good shelter for him!

    margaret Reply

  2. Poor little guy. He’s very lucky that you two found him!

    Mellzah Reply

  3. He looks like a Westie/Maltese mix. You may want to see if there is a West Highland Terrier Rescue or Maltese rescue who would take him. What a cutie!

    Sarah Reply

  4. This puppy had a very lucky day when you happened by. Bless you for taking such good care of him. Are you sure you can part with him??? :o) He kinda picked you.

    Kim Reply

  5. Maybe he got lost and hit by a car? Maybe he is microchipped and you can reach his devastated owners?!! I’m too optimistic sometimes. I want to believe that people don’t just abandon their pets.

    Emme Reply

  6. You guys are so awesome for taking that little guy in. I wish we could take him, but we’re so overloaded with the three animals we already have. I will ask around at work, too. I got an email about two other dogs that are looking for a home. Anti-Cruelty might be a good idea, too. They have a fast turnaround for pure breeds, too.

    Marty J. Reply

  7. Please get in touch with me and we will be happy to get this little guy into our rescue. We will get him straight to the vet. Please contact me asap. 262-633-9371Northcentral Maltese Rescue, IncHttp://

    Mary Palmer Reply

  8. you should keep him yourself if after you do your investigations he comes up unidentified. he looks like he would make a great pet and you sound like a great potential pet owner.

    mike h. Reply

  9. Robert Baldwin on September 4 at 1:15 PMWe lost our 15 year old Shih-Tzu to old age a few months ago and haven’t gotten a new companion yet. He sounds perfect for us. We have a house only 2 blocks from the Rocking Horse–we liked that bar too! Let us know when we can meet the little guy.

    Robert Baldwin Reply

  10. Robert – I’m so sorry to hear that you lost your dog recently. I’m glad to hear you had 15 years together though, and based on your words it sounds like it was well loved.Due to the high cost of the surgery that was required for Henson (the dog we found), Liz and I decided to turn him over to a rescue group.I’ll find out more info once he’s done with surgery, and I’ll post adoption information once he’s recovered. Several folks I know expressed interest, but for now… he’s in Mary’s hands, and getting some great care from Northcentral Maltese Rescue, in Wisconsin.

    avoision Reply

  11. he looks like my miles =(

    peabe Reply

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