Photos and Video Coming… Soon

I’m someone who’s been updating this blog for some time – making daily posts for a lot of years now. I tend to have my camera on me most of the time, and tend to take photos whenever the mood strikes me.

So it’s weird that, on one of the most important days of my life, I have few photos to share. I’m meeting up with Stu later today to check out his shots… but it’s been weird to be on the lookout for photos of my wedding.

I keep checking Facebook and Flickr to see if anyone’s posted things, and basically trying to remember the day through other people’s photographs.

If you’ve got photos or video, I’d love to get copies. I’ll have a few images to share before the week’s out I’m sure, but I’m very much looking forward to seeing lots of photos/video of our day. It was all fantastic, but it was also all too fast – and over before we could take it all in.

I’m a blogger without any photos. Which is a very odd feeling right now.

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  1. hi felixcongratulations to the both of u. Ive been following this blog since ure baloon suprise and its been a pleasure.Looking forward to lots more to come.

    Pavan Soni Reply

  2. Hey brother, check out my facebook, and Elizabeth Beeson’s your new cousin. She has a lot of the ceremony. I’m lacking those for some reason. Happy packing for the honeymoon, let us know if you need anything.Love,Tricia

    Tricia Ford Reply

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