Honeymoon in France and Italy: See You in Two Weeks!

Liz and I are moments away from heading out the door. We’ve got a ride out to O’Hare, where we’ll be boarding a plane for France (and eventually Italy). Our honeymoon will be a full two weeks, and we’re both incredibly nervous and excited.

Me, I’ve never been overseas before. And this is probably the longest vacation I’ve ever taken before. Also, I’ve never been married before. This is all terribly exciting for me.

The blog will be on hiatus for… well, for the first time in like seven years. It’s an odd feeling, but my Internet access will mostly be through cafes and such. I’m leaving my Blackberry here, so I will pretty much be off the grid, as they say.

I may post the occassional Twitter update, so you can check in on me there.

In the meanwhile, since the blog itself won’t be updated much… perhaps I can interest you in my Ten Best Days section, my Flash Experiments, or my Pecha Kucha Guide.

Goodbye, blog. Goodbye, USA. See you all in October!

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  1. Enjoy every single moment, you two! Let Rick’s experienced hand guide the way…

    chris Reply

  2. I hope y’all have the BEST time in France and Italy!

    Sprocket Reply

  3. I loved all your wedding photos! Though really, that was no surprise, since I knew all along it was going to be awesome. A big congrats to the two of you! And well wishes for a fantastic honeymoon! Can’t wait to get the lowdown when you return.

    Marty J. Reply

  4. I love your new sunglasses Liz. This picture cracks me up. I got to tell you, it is very painful to wait until you two get back to see the rest of your wedding photos. Glad to hear you made it safely and have decided to take a leisure honeymoon time through Paris. The best made memories are not planned.

    Julie Beeson Reply

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