Quick Update From Paris

Liz and I are in an Internet Cafe, about two blocks away from where we’re staying. And you know what else is about two blocks away? The freaking Notre Dame cathedral. In the mornings and late afternoon, you can just lightly hear the bells going off in the distance.

We’re both not terribly jet lagged, but it’s a slight struggle to get up in the AM. We’re settling in pretty nicely though.

Liz is doing some last-minute hotel room booking for Rome (on the final leg of our trip), so I’m just killing time a bit. How about some photos?

A view of Notre Dame, taken around 6:00 PM today.

While walking to breakfast on our first day in Paris, I snapped a shot of one of the many musicians in the neighborhood. There were literally two accordian players having a mini turf war near the cafe where we were eating.

A shot of me along the Seine. I was feeling jealous that my groomsmen got to wear vests, so I brought one along for the honeymoon.

Liz, waiting for the Metro at Jussieu. We’ve been navigating public transporation pretty well, thanks to having had some practice in Chicago. We haven’t quite yet braved the buses here yet though. But so far the trains have been pretty quick, and popping from place to place hasn’t been too problematic. Each train ride feels like a small victory.

Ok. I was just asked to help figure out how we’re getting from Paris to Cinque Terre… so it’s time for me to get to work too. I doubt I’ll be doing a lot of postings, so this may be it for a while. Off to do a little research, and then a little dinner.

Bon soir!

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  1. ridiiiiiiiculously jealous that you’re going to cinque terre. if you end up in florence, i strongly recommend poking your head in at a cafe called hemingway’s!

    nickd Reply

  2. Bienvenue ?† Paris.Et meilleurs voeux de bonheurs pour vous deux.

    Laurent Reply

  3. I’m curious to hear how you like Rome/Italy. It’s the one place in Europe I’ve never been. For every two people I know who love it, one will say they will never go back if they can help it. I personally have liked almost every Italian I’ve dealt with in Europe, which makes me more interested in visiting someday!

    TS7 Reply

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