My Parents Were Awesome

This is such a fantastic idea for a website. My Parents Were Awesome is the antidote to Awkward Family Photos.

It was hard to only post one pic. So many great images on this site. Also via MetaFilter.

psst: repetition and variation.

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  1. sorry this comment is not related to today’s blog, but couldn’t find your email address on this page, so I’m posting instead.Have you seen this?

    most likely you have, considering you’re so up to date with all of the funky uploads on the net, but just thought I’d share if you haven’t.Thanks for always putting your “like” videos/flash etc., if you recommend it, most likely I have liked them too. :)Seems like married life is treating you well, there’s this saying in Japanese “Shinkon-butori” meaning, Newly wed weight gaining, ah, what can I say, watch out!

    sumi Reply

  2. Hi Sumi. I do know that video by sour (I posted it a few months back), but I’m glad you re-linked it. Such a wonderful idea, and so well executed too.As for the weight gain, I will definitely watch out. Although I think I may have started my Shinkon-butori a few months before we actually got married…

    avoision Reply

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