Beaker (From the Muppets) Sings “Ode to Joy”

I had no idea this video existed, and it totally made my Friday when I saw it last week. I happened across the video while perusing Split Screen, a blog focusing on “the simultaneous use of multiple imagery – side by side, superimposed, and otherwise visually orchestrated.”

After browsing around a while, I was motivated to write to the blog owner and made a few suggestions. I recommended “Hibi no Neiro” by Sour and “The Sad Song” by Fredo Viola. I also mentioned my old (old) 3 Years 3 Minutes project, as it seemed to tie in as well.

I also mentioned that I was glad to see the White Glove Tracking project listed on the blog as well.

A few hours later, I ended up getting a reply from the blog’s author, James Seo. Turns out, he had posted my video a long time ago. And not only that, he was one of the contributors to the White Glove Tracking project (and someone I mentioned by name in my blog post).

Not only that, but we both are on MetaFilter it seems. Small world.

Split Screen is a great idea, and an incredibly rich site full with examples and topics to explore. Looking at the archives, it’s been around and running since 2005, which seems like an age and a day in Internet time. Swing on by and have a look/listen.

[via MeFi]

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  1. How did I miss this the first time around? This is hilarious! Thanks, Felix!

    juliet Reply

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