Cadence & Slang: Nick’s Book on Kickstarter

My coworker Nick is working on publishing a book, and is using Kickstarter to raise up funds. The working title is “Cadence & Slang,” and the topic of the book centers on interaction design. In addition to updates on Kickstarter, he’s also got an official site up.

It seems more and more folks are utilizing Kickstarter to fund their projects. The site seems to be growing more popular, and there are a lot of good projects out there that could use some funding. While I’m sad to report that some projects don’t end up meeting their goal (like the great Chicago Rocked project), there are many successes (see the LaPorte, Indiana project).

The open pledge amount, coupled with the ability for project authors to offer up different tiers/awards makes things pretty fun. And on top of it all, if the project doesn’t meet its goal… none of the pledged money is collected.

Swing by and take a look at Nick’s project. If you like what you see (makes sure to check out his video), consider pledging any amount to help him reach his fundraising goal.

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