Fukk You

Spotted this on the ride in to work, and it cracked me up to no end. I like how I’m imagining the author to be someone who’s just incredibly pissed off, but that anger is simply directed at anyone… everyone, for… everything.

Of course, I presume the spelling and the “Y” in you is gang-related stuff. Disciples, maybe?

I guess it’s the message without the target that I find so funny. It’s akin to a guy sitting in his car in a parking lot, honking the horn repeatedly. Nobody’s doing anything TO him per se, but he just happens to be mad at every other car that’s near him.

On the Way to Stu’s
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  1. Good eye my friend, or should I say…King Killa. You’ll be riding the pitchfork in no time. Down with the crown…

    Anthony Reply

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