Frontier: Flash RPG Game of Economics and Highwaymen

I’ve lost a fair amount of time to Frontier recently, a game all about buying/selling and travelling from town to town.

At first, the admin screens and maps were a little overkill to me, and suggested more complexity than I thought would be fun. It was a bit like The Space Game, where I wasn’t so sure the interface would be all that pleasurable, and would end up being more work than play.

I’ll be honest – I’m not sure what the overall point of Frontier is – to play until you build a larger and larger caravan? To eventually take over a town, maybe? There’s a button when you arrive at a town that says “Attack,” so perhaps this is an end goal.

I’m reminded of the old school game The Oregon Trail, so perhaps there’s some schoolkid part of my brain that relishes this kind of data-based game.

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  1. Have you read ‘The selected works of TS Spivet’? Beautiful book, I just finished reading it. Anyway your blog post reminded me of it cos Oregon Trail gets amention. Can you really finish the game in a single (in-game) day by buying 200 oxen?I really like your blog and have been reading for a while. Keep up the great work!Ps Do you have a recipe for those pumpkin donuts?

    mrmrpotatohead Reply

  2. I don’t know Spivet’s work, but the idea of buying 200 oxen just to complete Oregon Trail in one day is a fun one. That game has a special place in my heart, as I remember playing it on an old Apple IIe… and it was one of the first computer “games” that I really liked.Happy to hear you enjoy the blog, and even happier to hear you’ve been reading a while. These kinds of notes, particularly from folks I don’t know, are always flattering.There’s a link to the pumpkin donuts recipe in the comments of the original post. But here’s the direct link.

    avoision Reply

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